Selection Criteria and Book of Rules for Exchange

All matters related to participation in exchange programs are regulated by the IUS Book of Rules on Participation in Exchange programs available at:

In case you need any additional information on IUS study rules, please be informed that Pursuant to Article 56, Clause 1 of the Law on Higher Education (“Official Gazette of
Sarajevo Canton”, issue 33/17), Senate of the International University of Sarajevo (hereinafter: the Senate) on its session held on September 28, 2018, adopted the STUDY RULES FOR THE FIRST STUDY CYCLE. Here you can find: 

General provisions:

Article 1
(1) These Rules specify the organization and realization of the undergraduate programs at the International University of Sarajevo (hereinafter: University), evaluation of students’ work, duration of studies, the procedure of writing and defending graduation project, issuing and awarding diploma, and regulating other matters significant for the organization of the undergraduate study at the University in accordance with the Law and the Statute.
(2) These rules apply to graduate studies in matters that are not regulated by study rules for master's and doctoral studies.

For full document access please check here:

The criteria used to evaluate the applications is as follows:

• CGPA (50%)

• Language proficiency (20%)

• Previous funded exchange experience (- 10 % if the student was already on exchange, as we prefer to give each student the chance to go on Erasmus+ exchange)

• IUS promotional activities of the participant (Contribution to the University) (10%)

• Extra-curricular activities (5%)

• Any disabilities or special needs of the student (5%)