The most important point: Although we at IUS are helping you realize the process, under the Law, YOU are the responsible person for this process. So, if you fail to provide documents or be present in a timely fashion when and where your presence is required, it is YOU that the Law will hold responsible.


From the moment of your arrival to the country, please keep in mind that you have 75 days to submit your residence permit application. First thing to do is to find a flat where you are going to stay at and ask your landlord to prepare the following:


· Rental contract (with certified signatures – the verification can be done in the municipality or the tax authority office)



· A Statement certifying that the foreigner is living at the landlord’s place provided by the landlord verified in the municipality along with the supporting documentation:

· A certified copy of the landlord’s identity card

· A certified copy of the landlord’s CIPS

· A certified copy of the land registry certificate or a purchase contract for the rented apartment/home.

In addition to the above mentioned documents, You also need to submit the following:

· Criminal record not older than 3 months from the issuing date

· 1 photo

· Valid passport (minimum 2 years)

· Medical examination report (You will be instructed if needed)

*In case you are staying at the dormitory, their certificate will be enough to prove your address.

* If the given deadline for submission of the documents is exceeded, you may face with a monetary fine and deportation for a period of 6 months

Submit the documents

When collected, the aforementioned documents should be submitted to the IRO-VISA office. We will take it from here and organize your file.

*Be sure that your Bosnian phone number and email address are correct since all the communication will be through these means

Apply for the residence permit

Once everything is ready, you will be notified about the date and time of submission of your documents to the Ministry of Security BiH/ Foreigners Affairs Office/Field office Sarajevo. When submitted, Ministry will issue the attestation that allows your stay in BiH until a final decision on the submitted request is made. The attestation is valid for a period up to 60 days and may be extended on reasonable grounds until a final decision on the request has been made.

Obtain temporary residence permit based on education

When the Ministry finalizes your residence permit application, IRO-VISA office will announce a list with your name and send an email to bring your passport to the office so that the residence permit sticker can be taken. This is the final step in obtaining of your residence permit for 1 academic year.

*For the next academic year, you are required to submit an application to the Ministry to extend the residence permit no later than 20 days prior to the expiration day of the existing permit, otherwise you will have to pay a fine or be deported.

If at any stage you are late or fail to provide whatever document is required, you will face financial and other penalty prescribed by Law.