Dear students,

Please be informed that in case of using any medical services, all students of International University of Sarajevo (IUS) who are provided the residence permit services by IUS, have the right to use services of any hospital including policlinics and are covered by „EUROHERC OSIGURANJE SARAJEVO“ as a health insurance company.

How to claim health insurance?

If you have a health problem for which you have to see a doctor, you are advised to contact “Euroherc Osiguranje” customer support as they will guide you about the next steps (for example which hospital to contact first). In case they are not answering or not available you are free to visit any hospital.

Once you complete your medical treatment, you must submit full medical documentation to the IRO VISA OFFICE including your Bosnian bank account number so that we can ask for the reimbursement.



The costs of an urgently needed medical treatment and curing, as the result of a sudden illness or an injury, covered by as high as 1.800,00 KM per damage and in the aggregate, with 10% franchise (involvement in a medical service-participation of the insured person).

The insurance company is obliged to reimburse the expenses to the student that occurred at time of an urgently needed medical treatment and in case of a sudden illness or an injury that took place during the temporary stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Necessary medical treatment and curing includes the following:

  1. policlinic medical treatment and medical treatments in the hospital
  2. medicines and sanitary material (bandages and treads, etc) prescribed by the doctor
  3. medical aids and walking aids (crutches, cast, etc) required as a part of the medical treatment caused by broken extremities or injuries as prescribed by the doctor
  4. radiotherapy (ionizing radiation), heat therapy, photo therapy and similar treatments, prescribed by the doctor
  5. X-ray diagnostics, scanner diagnostics, ultrasound, laboratory diagnostics, ECG, decompression chamber when prescribed by the doctor.
  6. hospital treatment in an institution, which is considered to be a hospital in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the institution under a constant supervision of the doctors, the institution with adequate diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, which uses medically recognized treatment methods and is provided with the equipment clinically tested in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Health services covered by health insurance are to be treated in the nearest hospitals or the hospitals where an insured person is temporarily living.
  7. The costs of transportation, that occurred on the purpose of a medical treatment, taken on a way to the nearest hospital or to the nearest doctor and caused by services of an ambulance, or a taxi, or a public transportation, also include the costs of air medical transport.
  8. The costs of transportation to the specialized clinic, if prescribed by the doctor and required as a necessary part of a medical treatment.
  9. Surgeries as well as all surgery caused costs.
  10. Dentist treatment which includes tooth extraction, for the purpose of relief of an acute toothache only and up to 100 euro per an insured person and per an insurance case.

When an insurance case occurs, on the basis of which coverage from insurance is demanded, the insured person and the contractor are obliged to immediately, and within three days latest, report the insurer on the insurance case and confirm the report in writing.

The damage may be reported online on the webpage as follows: 


When claiming the compensation/ refund, it is necessary to submit the full medical documentation, the evidence on the costs, as well as any other relevant documentation. The claim for the compensation/ refund is to be submitted within a month upon the completion of medical treatment.