Free Mover Students

What is a free mover student?  


Simply put, a free mover is a guest student who is not part of a funded exchange scheme, such as Erasmus, but takes classes at another university and transfers the credits earned back to IUS. Like all other exchange options, IUS students interested in the free mover option are required to complete their financial transactions required by IUS before their mobility period. Foreign IUS students (ie any IUS student who does not have BH citizenship) need to have a residence permit for Bosnia and Herzegovina before applying for individual exchange. 

Since there is no specific exchange scheme involved, students wishing to become free movers make all arrangements themselves. Often, the student ends up paying tuition both at IUS and at the host institution. All other relevant exchange regulations (such as the language of mobility, time limitation, etc) apply to the free mover student as well.   

NOTE: According to the IUS Criteria for attending summer semester exchange at other higher education institutions (IUS-SENAT 11-987/21* from May 28th, 2021), any applications must be made before July 15th of the relevant academic year! Late applications will be rejected automatically and will not be reconsidered. 

An applicant's CGPA can not be lower than 2.5.


1. Find a university that has the courses you need offered in English and that will accept you like a free mover. (The university may ask for an agreement to be signed between IUS and the host, or have other requirements.) 

NOTE: Before applying, a student is obliged to visit IUS IRO to make sure a potential host and home institution had already signed agreement in order to prearrange that student may officially apply for that particular institution/host university. Otherwise, in case there is no such agreement signed already, a student may face with delays which may prevent him from applying within the deadline.

2. Go through their course catalog and try to find at least 8-10 courses that look like a good fit for the courses you want to take at IUS that semester, or as your free electives. To do this, you will need to check out your program curriculum (available on the webpage of your program under the CURRICULUM header) and the syllabi of the courses (available here - please note that here you will need to first enter the letter part of the code in one box and then the number part in the second box to get the syllabus). Once you have the IUS syllabi, you will need to find the syllabi of the courses you want to take at the host institution. This is usually available on the university's website or may be requested from their International Office.  

3. Once you have the relevant syllabi from both universities, check with your program's exchange coordinator to help make the match.  

4. Fill in the LEARNING AGREEMENT FOR INDIVIDUAL EXCHANGE.docx (in 3 copies) and the  APPLICATION FORM FOR OUTGOING STUDENTS .docx (All types of mobilities).  

5. Once you have the completed Learning Agreement and the other documents, send in your application electronically to along with a passport copy and the Transcrip of Records issued by the IUS Student affairs office.

6. Apply to the host university.  

Students are individually in charge of the following: 

  • Visa and permit issues 

  • Health insurance 

  • Accommodation 

  • Bank account 

  • Transportation 

  • Medical certificate (if needed) 

  • Certificate of good conduct (if needed). 

After your exchange period abroad, you will receive a Letter of Attendance and a Transcript from the host institution and you will be required to fill in  AFTER THE MOBILITY.docx . After the Mobility must be signed by the relevant Erasmu+ Program Coordinator who already approved your individual exchange learning agreement. 

*Criteria for attending summer semester exchange at other higher education institutions is available here: Criteria for attending summer school exchange at other higher education institutions (1).docx