Outgoing Students and Staff

The International Relations Office provides information and support for IUS students and staff regarding exchange, scholarships, application procedures, or documentation necessary for participation in Mevlana and Erasmus+ exchange programs. The Office is in charge of collecting staff and students' applications and forwarding them to the partner universities.


On top of the call requirements (which you may find in the available calls section), any IUS student whose CGPA is over 2.5 and has free electives to choose from can benefit from exchange opportunities. Thus we strongly encourage you to save your free electives for the semester that you want to go on exchange. 

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At the International University of Sarajevo, recognition of credits after your exchange semester is finalized by the Student Affairs Office, after the submission of the following documents: 

- Before Mobility part of the Learning Agreement (signed by both universities' coordinators and stamped by both universities' seals - NOT VALID WITHOUT THESE)

- During Mobility part of the Learning Agreement (if any course change has been made) (signed by both universities' coordinators and stamped by both universities' seals - OR an email message dated correctly which states that the program exchange coordinator approved the change(s) made during mobility. 

If you do not have proof that the changes were approved, you may not be able to transfer these courses)

- After Mobility part of the Learning Agreement (prepared after your mobility, see relevant section)(signed by the student and the program exchange coordinator, IUS seal only  - Your faculty's legal secretary will put the IUS seal on it)

- Original transcript (bearing the wet signature and stamp of the host university)

- Official translation of the transcript into Bosnian (must be done by a court-notarized translator) (translation can be done with a copy of the transcript)

Once these documents (with their correct signatures and stamps) are all collected, they will be delivered to the Student Affairs Office by the IRO staff, and your courses will quickly be transferred. 

NOTES: 1. You are responsible for making sure you have the signatures and stamps on all parts of the learning agreement, as well as informing the partner university you will need an original 

(meaning not electronically signed/QR coded) transcript as soon as you get to your host university. 

2. Without any of these, you cannot transfer courses. 

3. If you do not make sure to prepare these documents, and your transfer of courses is delayed because of that, you may not be able to take courses with prerequisities before the transfer is completed. 

So, make sure to follow up on these before you leave your host university/country. It is extremely hard to get anything done when you are not physically there anymore.  


BEFORE MOBILITY  - You need to bring back two of the three copies (one will stay at your host institution)

DURING MOBILITY - You need to bring back two of the three copies (one will stay at your host institution)

AFTER MOBILITY - You will prepare this here, and will need to get the exchange coordinator's signature and the seal on it 


Although your host university may have sent you an electronic copy, this is not valid for the Ministry of Education. You need to make sure the host university will give you an original one. 

Translation of the transcript can be done by any court-notarized translator. 

The transfer of courses passed during your exchange semester is governed by the following rulebook: 

Please study it for further information.