IUS Students in Romania

During the Spring semester 2017, our FENS (Faculty of Natural Sciences) student, Saira Tanković was on Erasmus+ exchange programme in Romania; Iasi. Saira is 4th year student, with good marks and promising future. As many other students in the world, she was excited to be a part of the exchanging experience. During the time of her stay, she attended classes at the Faculty of Computer Science at University of Alexandru Ioan Cuza. In her own words, Saira said: 
“Thanks IRO office at Ioan Cuza I will always consider Iasi my second home.” 
From her simple words, it is obvious how Saira felt during her time in Romania. She found a second home! Saira is no different than other students that go through process of adaptation to new environment. Though she settled among new people and new are she said that the most interesting this was the:
“Kindness of people and rich tradition”.
After her return to Sarajevo, IUS, she said:
“I am proud to be an IUS student!”
Reading these wonderful experiences and stories, one can only imagine how great it was to personally see and be there!

Saira, thank you for your time!