Mihaela as our exchange student in Porto

Mihaela Božović is an IUS exchange student in Porto, and her story and experiences are quite unique. Mihela is sytudying (FBA) International and Public Relations and as anyone else, she is eager to know more and to experience new things. She is still on exchange, and she will be staying in Portugal till June 30, 2017. In our correspondence with Mihaela, and her unselfish contribution to our office, Mihela shared some words:
“This Master research exchange in Portugal is my second exchange program. In 2016, I was on Mevlana exchange program in Istanbul. Staying abroad is not always easy, but to me it brought more positive experiences than the negative ones. Those cultural exchanges I treasure the most that is why I am thankful to the IRO Office of IUS, which is working hard to send us abroad and also assist us in any moment. Different surrounding, professors, educational system, culture and people with different stories and backgrounds is the experience anyone could ask for. As someone keen on traveling, I knew I did not want to miss this opportunity. After undergraduate studies, I am planning to continue with MA. However, it is difficult for me to choose where to go, as I have been admitted to five universities in Italy (Ca' Foscari and Bologna) and the U.K. (Westminster London, Bristol and Manchester). I believe this exchange will help me to get acquainted with the different educational approach that will help me in the future studies.”
To conclude her thoughts, she also said:
“It is an advantage and also an amazing experience to live in a city and country that is culturally and historically rich. A lot of diverse architecture can be found here, statues and museums related to the age of Discovery, unique tiles design called “Azulejo”, a very beautiful language and listening to the traditional music-called “Fado” is a truly unique experience. People are warm and ready to help always even when do not speak English. The most western extent of continental Europe is also located here in Portugal. The thing that has helped me to adapt faster and to know what to expect is my stay in Brazil. I was part of the Press Operations at the Olympics and Paralympics, so that experience helped me learn the language (although is not exactly the same) and learn about the culture and the Portuguese heritage in Brazil and other ties between these two marvellous countries, but also about some costumes and the local cuisine. History classes are the best in practice when/if possible.”

Mihaela thank you for your time!