Here are some key pieces of information:

You will need to apply for a visa type D before your arrival in BiH.
According to BiH Law, the Ministry of Security Foreigners' Department is the body that issues Visa Invitation Letter to BiH. Please see below step by step how this process works:


Once accepted, the candidate makes a security payment and sends the confirmation slip to:


IUS International Admission Office on behalf of student applies for visa invitation letter with the Ministry of Security Foreigners' Department (it takes about 2 months). The visa invitation letter is required for all international students in order to enter within the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina and a pre-requirement for future student's residential status.


When the letter is ready, IUS sends this letter along with the court-notarized payment confirmation and the acceptance letter (necessary for the visa)


The candidate goes to the nearest BiH consulate to apply for type D-visa.

For the visa application at BH embassy, we need to provide you with the three documents mentioned above as proof of your acceptance but the full list of documents is as follows:

From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website:

Article 4

General Conditions for Visa D Issuance

  1. An applicant for Visa D is obliged to give their personal data and biometric data (photograph, fingerprints, signature) required from them and other relevant information regarding the purpose of their entering BiH.
  2. An applicant for Visa D is obliged to enclose: a) a valid travel document; b) a letter of invitation issued on a prescribed form and certified by the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs (hereinafter: the Service) identifying the place of residence or the headquarters of the inviter; c) a color photograph, size 35x45 mm, showing faithfully the holder of the travel document; d) confirmation of the purpose of their stay in BiH which proves that it is necessary to stay in BiH longer than 90 days in the period of 6 months; e) a medical certificate proving that the alien does not suffer from a contagious disease if coming from the territory on which there is an epidemics of a contagious disease; f) proof of payment of consular fee; g) other documents regarding accommodation and funds for living expenses; conditions of travel and return to the country of origin on basis of which it is possible to make a reasonable conclusion on the purpose and the conditions of the intended stay in BiH.
  3. Apart from documents and attachments mentioned in the Paragraph 2 of this Article, at request of the authorized official of DCM, an alien is obliged to submit other evidence in accordance with Article 22 Paragraph 1 of this Rulebook.

Additionally, the embassy usually asks us to provide further proof once you apply for the D type visa. You will need to go to a country where there is at least an honorary BH consulate because without a visa you cannot enter into BiH territory anyway.


The candidate arrives in BiH with the hard copies of his documentation. The other documents you will need to bring with you in hard copy form are as follows:

  • Passport copy (with validity period of at least two years)
  • A fresh criminal record from home country (you will need a fresh one with original – wet – stamp and signature so we strongly urge you to get one just before you leave for BiH even if you already got one for your application. The process requires two – one for the application to the program, and one for applying to residence permit. No more than 3 months old.)
  • Your original high school diploma (Bachelor diploma for master applicant or Master diploma for PhD applicants) and transcript &ndash (Bachelor full transcripts for master applicants or Master full transcripts for PhD applicants); translated into English if they are in a different language (They will be translated into Bosnian here)
  • Motivation letter
  • Recommendation letter(s)
  • Birth Certificate – translated into English if it is in a different language (It will be translated into Bosnian here)
  • English language certificate (Applicants may have the choice of either taking TOEFL/IELTS certificates or sitting for the IUS English Placement and Proficiency Tests)
  • Four photos, frame 6x4

However, we would suggest also that you check out IUS Market group on Facebook as well. Many of our students choose to stay in flats and students often share the cost.

The important point here is that in order for you to start the residence permit process, you will need to be registered with the police within the first 48 hours of your arrival , getting what is called a `white card`.

If you choose to stay at a dormitory or a hostel, they can immediately issue you the papers needed for obtaining the card (basically a statement to the effect that they are a registered institution and you are staying under their roof).

If you choose to find an apartment or similar, however, then your landlord must give you certain documents.

Here is the list of necessary information and requirement your need to coordinate with your landlord:

In order to obtain the address at Emigration Center, the landlord is required to obtain for international student the following documents:

  1. The Rental contract (with certified signatures. – the verification can be done in the municipality or the tax authority office
  2. Statement given by landlord and certified in the municipality with supporting documentation, such as:
  • A copy of the identity card landlord.
  • A copy of CIPS of landlord
  • Evidence of owned (copy ZK) or purchase agreement.

If the person who signed the rental contract does not own the apartment then it is required to submit a certified copy of the power of attorney given by the owner of the apartment transferred to the authorized person.

Beside this attorney letter the authorized person is required to submit also the copy of identity card and CIPS.

In case on any question you have, do not hesitate to ask by contacting us via the following email: