International Student Application and Tuition Fees

Based on the decision of Board of Trustees in regards to the Tuition fees it has been decided that the price for the faculties are the same and only differ in regards to the Undergraduate students (full price > 5500 - discount for Bosnian students 30% = 3850 EUR) And for Postgraduate studies Master (II cycle) is 2500EUR (no matter which faculty enter) within one year. For Ph.D. studies (III cycle) no matter which faculty enrolled is 6000 EUR.

For all is giving opportunity to pay in installments. If pay as whole, there is additional discount of 6%.

As you can see, our prices for postgraduate are the best in the region so far while undergraduate price is competent.


To sum up:

ELS Preparatory school (per year) 
International students 3200 EUR 
Bosnian students and Balkan regioun 2240 EUR


International students 5500 EUR
Bosnian students and Balkan regioun 3850EUR


International & Bosnian students 2500 EUR


International & Bosnian students 6000 EUR

Note :  For Master and Ph.D. thesis is included in the price.


For Dormitories

-in a room with 4 students the price is 125EUR (breakfast included)
-in a room with 2 students the price is 150EUR (breakfast included)
Note:  The contract is for 9 months period only

  • English
  • Bosanski
  • Türkçe